8 Ideas for Storing Shoes

Finding the best way to store your shoes not only reduces clutter and keeps you organized — it can also help you take better care of your beloved footwear.

Last updated: September 7, 2022
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How to Store Shoes

While it may be easiest to keep your shoes wherever you kick them off at the end of the day, how you put your sneakers away makes a difference. It’s a part of caring for your shoes that will help them last as long as possible.

When it comes to shoe care, shoe storage is right up there with properly cleaning them, and you’ve got plenty of options. From the more traditional shoe boxes and shoe trees to redesigning your closet with shoe shelves or shoe racks, there are a lot of shoe storage ideas that'll help get your footwear out of the way and reduce their chances of getting scuffed, creased, or damaged prematurely.

8 Smart Ways to Store Your Shoes

1.In Your Closet

The floor of your closet is one of the easiest options when it comes to shoe storage ideas. If you have enough space, you can simply line all your shoes up. When you set your shoes up in neat rows, you can see all your choices each day — and it doesn’t matter what kind they are or how you organize your shoe collection.

Although this no-frills storage option gets the job done, you may not have room for all your shoes, especially in closets with small spaces. Lining them up against this way could eat away at all the floor space in your closet, but tossing them into one big pile will just cause frustration, and it's a recipe for ruining shoes.

If you have limited floor space, you’ll probably want to mix and match shoe storage solutions. You could always keep the shoes you wear most on the closet floor, and use a different shoe storage option for those pairs that only come out for special occasions.

2.Shoe Boxes

Both the boxes your shoes come in and the special bins you can buy separately count in this category. The perk of buying your own boxes is that they’ll all be the same size. The original boxes your shoes come in can vary in size, making it harder to stack them. When picking out your own shoe boxes, you might select see-through plastic so you won’t have to guess which pair of shoes are in each box.

Shoe boxes are great since you can stack them pretty high before being in danger of everything toppling over. This shoe storage option is ideal for sneakers, running shoes, flats and sandals — all of your shoes that can fit in a standard-size shoe box.

3.Over-the-door Storage

Another great shoe storage idea for small spaces is to hang your shoes in the inside of your closet or on the back of your bedroom door. Over-the-door shoe racks come in fabric, mesh and metal. You can find organizers that have pockets for each individual shoe or ones that look more like racks where you slide your shoes in or hang them over an insert.

With so many options, this space-saving choice not only puts more of your shoes front and center, but also prevents pairs from getting mixed up with each other. Depending on what type of over-the-door storage you pick, you may want to limit the types of shoes that go into it. For those with pockets, shoes with low-to-no heels will probably fit best. For ones that more closely resemble a rack, you can likely store your flats and mid-heels, too.

4.Shoe Shelves and Shoe Cubbies

How to Store Shoes

Although shoe shelves and shoe cubbies look different, they function in organizing your shoe collection in almost the same way by:

  • Getting your shoes up off the floor
  • Making it easier to keep pairs together
  • Working as part of your closet layout

If you have a modular closet organizer system, you can store shoes in a dedicated shoe area. If possible, set aside some shelves for your hiking boots and other taller shoes, and then use cubbies for your lower heels, flats, sneakers and flip-flops.

5.Shoe Trees

A shoe tree or shoe tree stand is a top-notch shoe organizer and a great addition to a bedroom corner. You can hook your shoes onto one, and it spins for easy access. If you tend to switch shoes during the day, going from running shoes to work shoes to those you wear around the house, a shoe tree keeps them all at arm’s reach.

There's another type of shoe tree, which is more of an insert than a shoe storage method. It looks like a pair of shoes with a hinge in the middle. Made out of wood or plastic, this device not only helps your shoes hold their shape but it can also keep them from getting smelly.

Shoe tree inserts work best with loafers and dress shoes — any shoe that gets misshapen if stepped on or accidentally smashed under something heavy. And you can use them with most of the common shoe storage methods. For boots, look for boot shapers. These take the function a bit further, ensuring the leg of your boot stays in shape. They’ll come in handy if you store shoes or boots on the floor, where they have a greater chance of falling over.

6.Shoe Baskets

For those who live with friends, family members, or multiple roommates, shoe baskets are a great way to store those everyday shoes. Put them in the perfect spot right by the door so you always know where your shoes are and they're ready for you when it's time to leave.

Assign one basket to each person in the household, and put their name on the front. Set the baskets up by the front or back door, whichever you all go in and out of the most, and know you’ll never have to go looking for that one random shoe again. The only trick for this shoe organizer is to make sure the baskets don’t overflow with shoes. Have your family empty them out at least once a week, returning lesser worn shoes to their proper storage spot in their own rooms.

7.Shoe Rack

Similar in appearance to a shoe shelf, a shoe rack doesn’t have to live in your closet. Think of it more like a piece of furniture that pulls double duty as shoe storage. You can find a cute bench with a wire rack underneath and set it near your entryway for guests’ shoes. There are also solutions that not only store shoes, but can hold your purse, or even an umbrella or two. Since shoe racks are often designed to be showcased, they’re another great option for family shoes that get left by the door as well.

8.Under-the-bed Storage

When space is at a premium, but you need storage space for your shoes, under-the-bed storage is ideal. It not only compartmentalizes your shoes, but the container usually zips up so nothing gets dusty. Since the space under the bed is often a catchall for all kinds of discarded stuff, why not make it a useful storage space? It’s an ideal location to store off-season shoes, so boots in the summer and flip-flops all winter long.

Put Away Your Shoes

With all of these shoe storage options, there's no good reason to leave your shoes out in a messy heap. Treat your shoes right and put them away in the proper place each night.