Easy maintenance and care recommendations for your favorite Nike shoes, accessories and apparel.

How to Clean Muddy Shoes

6 Easy Steps to Clean Mud Off Shoes

After getting outside, shoes can be a muddy mess. Here’s how to clean them.


How to Clean Running Shoes

How to Clean Running Shoes

Running shoes are bound to get dirty. Check out this simple, eight-step guide to spruce up your pair.


Can You Put Sneakers in the Washer? Here’s How to Wash Your Nikes

Can You Put Sneakers in the Washer? Here’s the Best Way to Wash Your Nikes

To preserve the quality of your shoes, check out the best way to clean them.


How to Clean Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

How to Clean Air Force 1s

Want to keep your all-white Air Force 1s spotless? Use these cleaning tips to remove stains and have them looking fresh out of the box.


How to Clean Shoelaces

3 Easy Ways to Clean Shoelaces

From bleach to baking soda, check out these top tips and tricks to clean your shoelaces.


How to Store Shoes

8 Ideas for Storing Shoes

Finding the best way to store your shoes not only reduces clutter and keeps you organized — it can also help you take better care of your beloved footwear.


What to Do With Old Shoes

How to Get Rid of Old Shoes Sustainably

Reuse, recycle or donate – there are plenty of options to help you keep your old shoes out of landfills.


How to Remove Creases and Wrinkles From Shoes

How to Remove Creases and Wrinkles From Shoes

The bad news about wearing your shoes: You’re going to crease them. The good news: You don’t have to settle for a shoe crease. You can make them disappear.


How to Clean White Shoes & Get them Looking Brand New

How to Get Your White Shoes Looking Brand New

There’s nothing quite like unboxing a brand-new pair of white shoes, but dirt and debris can quickly take away their luster. Here’s how to get them looking fresh again.


How to Remove Shoe Smell and Make Them Smell Good

Smelly Shoes? How to Remove Odor From Shoes

We all have a favorite pair of sneakers that have a little bit of a stink. Fortunately, there are some ways to deodorize your shoes and make them smell good again.